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A license plate is much more than just a number. It is a lucky number, a birthday date or the matching model number - it gives the owner a personal connection to his vehicle. The license plate is a detail shared by all vehicles, whether young or old, cheap or expensive, small or large.
Numbertrade is a young company headquartered in Zurich, specializing in the trade of license plates between private individuals and legal entities. Our team consists of experts who share their interest in vehicles and license plates with heart and soul. We will advise you competently and help you get the most for your license plate through our reach and commitment.
Our team promises you an excellent and efficient service as well as a professional, safe and uncomplicated process when buying and selling your license plate. Numbertrade is here to assist you with any questions or needs you may have and help you get the best possible experience when buying or selling a license plate.

Maximize the value of your car number through our dedicated sales service.


Discover and quickly secure the perfect car number on our platform.

«Our mission at Numbertrade is to not only provide you with a unique license plate, but also to create a special experience and personal connection with your vehicle.»

Dino Boller

CEO and Founder Numbertrade

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